Starfishman: Fire Flies

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Most likely the second published comic in the Starfishman series of stories, Fire Flies tells the harrowing story of Starfishman consulting with a southern Pacific forest fire fighting team who is operating an experimental program with the Helios Corporation. The Fire Flies is the code name for the experimental team who use advanced exoskeleton suits to fight the fires. They come loading with fire suppression foam cannons, water tanks, carbon dioxide jets, and ultra low frequency emitters that all help exterminate forest fires before they rage out of control. The Fire Flies also use a network of automated drones that use infrared cameras to detect the first sparks of a fire and relay its position to the nearest member of the team. They then rocket in using their carbon dioxide based jet packs, and start putting out the fire.

Plot Outline

Starfishman is invited in to help when one of the team members is seriously injured; a burned out tree fell on the suit and damaged his spine. When Starfishman is there at the facility, he overhears the team grumbling about the mysterious fires. He makes a deal with the Helios Corporation investigator to help figure out what is going on! The exciting mystery will be solved in the two part comic book series: Starfishman: Fire Flies.

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