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Starfishman is a part human, part starfish mutant. He retains all the intelligence and identity of his human self, Dr. Kino Marin, but his body has been mutated to resemble a starfish, and to include many of the starfish’s key abilities. Below is a list of Starfishman's powers and abilities:


The starfish is famous for its ability to regrow lost limbs and repair itself due to its unique physiology. The starfish’s organs are indistinct and spread throughout its radial body, so it can survive serious injuries. The research Dr. Kino Marin was doing into the starfish fused his body with starfish DNA and huge amounts of meta radiation, so his regeneration happens at an accelerated rate. He can regrow a lost hand almost instantly, which allows him to succeed during his adventure in “The Shark Finners”.

Water Vascular System

Starfish have tentacles all along their multiple arms, which are filled with water and controlled by thousands of tiny pumps and muscles inside the starfish’s body. This allows starfish to grip on to rocks very tightly, move around freely at the bottom of the ocean, and pry shellfish apart when they want to feed. Starfishman has acquired this powerful water system and uses it similarly, grabbing objects tightly with just the suction cups and tentacles all over his hands and feet, climbing smooth surfaces, and pumping water out to cause distractions, move objects remotely, or to simply move water from one place to another. He’s a half-human water pump!


Starfish come in all different colors and textures, and Starfishman’s skin is no different. He can alter the color and texture of his skin, and make it smooth or spiky to match almost any surface. This allows him to blend in and sneak up on enemies, using stealth.


Using a combination of his water vascular system, camouflage, and the unique attributes of his new, mutated body, Starfishman can change shape, growing in size, shrinking down to squeeze through tight spaces, or to even return to an almost normal human appearance. This requires extreme concentration and practice, so this ability is one he’s still working on mastering.

Genius Level Intelligence

After all the very specific starfish-like abilities, it’s important not to forget that Dr. Kino Marin was a brilliant marine biologist and geneticist, and has studied practically every type of human engineering. He can design and build boats with his bare hands, and has an incredible mastery of electronics and computer science. His overall genius level of intelligence may be Starfishman’s most important ability.

Strength and Toughness

Although Dr. Marin was not an impressive physical specimen and had no particular ability in hand to hand combat or use of weapons, Starfishman is naturally tough and very strong. His exoskeleton is a thick layer of chitenous armor, and he can fill his body with water and pump it around his arms and legs like huge organic hydraulic pumps. This allows him to be shot, smashed into and take huge amounts of punishment in a fight without dying. His regeneration system helps repair him when he does get seriously injured.

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