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Starfishman’s family is introduced in his origin story, “Starfishman: Origins”. As a young man, Kino’s mother takes him to the beach. His father is referred to but never shown. Later in his life as a mutated superhero, Starfishman has a son: Starfishboy.

Kino’s Mother

Kino’s mother supports his interest in marine life, and is shown taking him to the beach and teaching him about the various forms of marine life. When Kino is injured by a crab and loses his finger, she never forgives herself. The incident creates a rift between her and Kino’s father, and it is suggested that their divorce was at least partly to blame on this traumatic incident at the beach.

Kino’s Father

Although never shown directly in the Starfishman: Origins story, Kino’s mother is having an argument with him on the phone as he makes excuses for not being able to join them at the beach. It is suggested that he is working and too busy. Kino’s father is also a scientist, and prioritized his work over his family. Later Starfishman stories will focus on Starfishman trying to find his mysterious father and to reconnect with him.

Starfishman’s Son: Starfishboy

Starfishman has a son! Starfishboy’s adventures are more aimed towards children and learning about the environment. A series of children’s books will feature Starfishboy as he visits the beach and discovers amazing facts about the world.