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Starfishman's registered copyright logo.

Starfishman® is a registered trademark of Colby Fulton. All content and images on this site are copyrighted © 1992-2021. All rights reserved.


All content, images and story details on this and other official Starfishman® websites and social media pages are all copyrighted. The Starfishman logo is a registered copyright. It was created in 1992 and been in continuous use on posters, artwork and comic books.


The Starfishman superhero character is a registered trademark, owned by Colby Fulton. It is used in merchandise such as t-shirts, posters and comic books, which are available for sale on a variety of retail and online stores.


The Starfishman logo and character designs are used on a variety of merchandise which is available for sale. Click here to view some items for sale on Amazon.