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The world of Starfishman is somewhere generally in the Pacific Northwest, but it is not clear whether it is in Canada, Washington State, or the coast of California. Starfishman travels quite often through the oceans, but the center of his operations is on a gulf island somewhere between Vancouver, British Columbia and Cannon Beach in Oregon. Here are some of the locations his adventures have taken place:

Kino's Lab

Dr. Kino Marin operates his lab out of an old fish processing plant. The rent was extremely cheap, and its proximity to the ocean gave him access to an unlimited supply of starfish and other sea creatures to study. Read more about Kino’s lab.

Chin & Son Shellfish Farm

When Kino meets Uni Chin, she is working at her family’s shellfish farm. Even though Uni has no brothers, the farm is called “Chin and Son”. She explains that her father is very old fashioned and was a bit embarrassed that he only had one daughter.

The Pacific Marine Institute

A part underwater lab and part marine amusement park for families to visit, the PMI is the Pacific Northwest’s most advanced marine research facility. Dr. Kino never dreamed he could work there and advance his research using their state of the art facilities, but he is introduced to Dr. Arthur Pierce (the facility administrator) by Uni Chin. Learn more about the Pacific Marine Institute here.

Starfishman’s Secret Island Base

Starfishman's secret island base.

After the accident at the PMI, Starfishman is born and finds himself washed up on a small island that has a vast network of caves under it. Useless to anyone who can’t swim large distances underwater and stay submerged for hours, Starfishman collects parts of the destroyed PMI laboratories and rebuilds his base with them. The whole area is off limits after the meta waves and his modified bacteria have caused an unstable region which is not safe for most people.