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Starfishman’s story was originally meant to be told in a two hour, live action feature film. However, because the character was largely unknown and the high cost of feature film production, it was decided to launch the character in comic book form first. Below is a list of the various media Starfishman will launch in sometime soon!

Comic Books

Starfishman’s first adventures will be told in a series of comic books. The first comic planned was a two part series that told Starfishman’s origin story, however the story was long and complex, and the hero of Starfishman wasn’t even introduced until the end of the two parts! It was decided that it would be more entertaining to have a short and exciting comic that took place after Starfishman had been transformed for a while and had full control of most of his powers. The first comic to be released as a result of this decision is “The Shark Finners”, a story of Starfishman investigating a shark finning operation that has suspiciously advanced technology.

A future adventure is entitled “Starfishman: Fire Flies”. This exciting two-part story follows Starfishman to a southern forest where an amazing development is being made in forest fire management. A combination of early detection, almost futuristic robotics and exoskeleton suits, and groundbreaking “solar clouds” which are networks of solar panels floating in low orbit. They provide shadow to the forests and prevent dehydration, and collect large amounts of solar power as well. To read more about this adventure, click here.

Feature Film

Creator Colby Fulton first wrote a two hour feature film treatment for Starfishman, which took a traditional path chronologically from Dr. Kino Marin’s normal human life, through to the accident where he is transformed into Starfishman, to confronting a mortal enemy. This story is now contained in the comic book series “Starfishman: Origins”.

Social Media

Dr. Kino Marin and his aquatic alter ego Starfishman have several social media accounts. They interact with fans, post interesting articles about the ocean and the environment, and tease their existing and future adventures. Click here to find out more about Starfishman’s social media presence.