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Genetically Modified Starfish Stem Cells

The world of Starfishman takes place generally in the present day, but because Starfishman is a brilliant scientist, he is always working on the cusp of futuristic technology. His genetically modifying bacteria for example, are more advanced than anything currently known to be in use. His submarine has very futuristic underwater vision and is powered by the latest battery technology. Starfishman prefers to use renewable energy, and insists on fighting to clean up the oceans and prevent overfishing, global warming, or any other destructive technologies. His main focus is on using solar power, but he is very interested in wind and tidal power generating systems too, as he is slightly sensitive to the bright sun - it tends to dry him out!

Starfish Stem Cells

Dr. Kino Marin realized that starfish stem cells could be modified to help heal human beings. They could also be harvested very easily, as starfish are plentiful and cutting off an arm or two to collect the cells wouldn’t kill them. Kino originally tested the modified stem cells on an injured dog that he was fostering, and the results were very promising!

DNA Modifiying Bacteria

This mutagen was developed while Starfishman was still in his human form as Dr. Kino Marin. Kino used these specially developed bacteria to add certain mammalian DNA sequences to the starfish stem cells, allowing them to work in a human being! The technology had potential, but couldn’t heal the subject quickly enough to be a real breakthrough.

Meta Wave Generator

Meta waves are a very special frequency of light and radiation that can travel through liquids extremely well. The technology was being developed by Dr. Arthur Pierce at the Pacific Marine Institute as a way of sending energy through the water, as a communication frequency, or as a very high resolution sensor system. All three applications are currently very difficult to do with current technologies. Sound travels well through water, but the signal is very vague. You can tell there is something in the water and where it is, but you can’t tell whether it’s a whale, a seismic event, or an enemy Russian submarine! Meta Waves have the potential to “see” clearly through the water for many kilometers. Due to the potential power of the signal, many at PMI thought it may be used as a weapon.

Solar Power

Starfishman loves solar power as it is such a plentiful and clean technology, but he is also a little wary of using it: bright sunlight tends to dry him out. Large solar "clouds" are featured in the Starfishman story "Fire Flies" where they collect solar power in orbit and beam it down to earth for use.

Battery technology

With any renewable energy like wind or solar, batteries are extremely important. New battery technology has played an important role in a couple of Starfishman stories. Click here to read more about Starfishman's battery technologies.

Wind Turbines

Tidal Wave Turbines

Plastic Depolymerization