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Vehicles, manned and unmanned play a very important role in Starfishman Stories. Here are just a few notable ones:

Uni’s Submarine

Uni Chin is a talented engineer who works part time at The Pacific Marine Institute. In her spare time, she helps her family business and works on a submarine of her own design. Click here to learn more about her sub.

Pacific Marine Institute Self Driving Car

In Starfishman: Origins, Uni and Kino are picked up by Rebecca Aster in an electric-powered, self-driving car. Kino is overjoyed, as he loves that kind of technology.

Pacific Marine Institute Hydrofoil

To get to The Pacific Marine Institute, the main characters must board a large fast ferry which uses hydrofoil technology. As it gets up to speed, the hull lifts out of the water to gain additional speed. Learn more about the PMI Hydrofoil here.

Pacific Marine Institute Submarine

To conduct special underwater research, scientists often use the Orcusbiarion submarine, which was designed and built in part with help from engineer Uni Chin. The sensor system was designed by Dr. Quatel, who uses meta waves to capture information about the underwater environment, then protects it in three dimensions into proprietary displays which use cuttle-fish like liquid crystal displays on the bridge. Learn more about the PMI Submarine here.

Starfishman's Submarine

After Kino is transformed into Starfishman, he realizes he needs a faster vehicle to travel around the oceans. With help from Uni Chin and using scavenged parts and technology from the Pacific Marine Institute wreckage, Starfishman builds himself a very effective submarine. Learn more about it here.

Helios Corporation Exoskeleton Suit

Helios Corporation Unmanned Drones

Helios Corporation Solar Cloud Array