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Global warming isn’t the only thing that keeps Starfishman up at night! These villains have different goals and means, but they are all dead-set on one thing: the destruction of Starfishman.


A painting of Lobstor, created by artist Marco Turini.

Lobstor is the mutated version of Dr. Arthur Pierce. Pierce is caught near a tank of lobster when the catastrophic event happens. Meta wave generator explodes near a huge tank of Kino’s mutagenic bacteria, which bathes the entire Pacific Marine Institute with a tidal wave of mutation. Pierce becomes a huge half-man, half-lobster mutant, the basic body layout of a centaur - his human torso is vertical while his lobster legs, abdomen and tail stretching backward, horizontally. One arm is a giant crushing lobster claw, making him a fierce and horrific foe. Read more about the Starfishman Supervillain Lobstor.

Devil Crabs

Lobstor finds that he has a pheromonal connection with other crustaceans, and uses this power to control them to do his bidding. After trying to control the local shellfish, he finds they are too small and useless to be worthy henchmen. He experiments on a sample of crabs to make them larger and more powerful, which he names devil crabs. Starfishman already hates crustaceans, so this new breed of crab is a nightmare come true.

Helios Corporation

The Helios Corporation is a solar power company that has developed large networks of orbiting solar structures that block sunlight from hitting the earth, and collect huge amounts of electricity. The solar clouds keep the ground cool and prevent evaporation. It seems like the perfect system, and they use it to power a new team of robotic exoskeleton suits featured in the Starfishman Story "Starfishman: Fire Flies".

Paolo Cêndio

Paolo Cêndio is the CEO of the Helios Corporation. At the beginning of the Starfishman story "Fire Flies", Paolo seems like a friendly and helpful ally who is dedicated to renewable energy. His "solar clouds" can keep the earth's surface cool which collecting huge amounts of electricity. When the system starts to malfunction however, Paolo fights at all costs to cover up the problems.

The Drone

The Drone is a mysterious technological wizard who uses a large network of remotely controlled drones to cause havoc and commit crimes. As he uses the drones to distract people, he can steal money or goods and get away without being caught.