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Starfishman Posing

Starfishman is a large, powerful superhero with many amazing abilities. He was originally a human scientist, Dr. Kino Marin, who was experimenting with starfish stem cells in an attempt to revolutionize human healing. An accident caused him to mutate into a part man, part starfish creature.

Physical Characteristics

Starfishman is a large mutant who has the characteristics of both a human and a starfish. His face and limbs are basically human, but he has millions of tiny tentacles covering the inside of his arms, legs and inner body. His back is spiny and armoured with a hard, calcite exoskeleton which makes him impervious to damage and physical attacks. His body is mottled with purple and reddish colors.

Psychological Profile

Starfishman was once a human scientist, with a genius level IQ. He successfully created his own genetically modifying bacteria to add specific genetic sequences to starfish stem cells, which allowed them to work in a human immune system. This didn't work to his satisfaction, as he knew that the technology was only worthwhile if it could heal injuries quickly in order to save lives; slow regeneration might result in catastrophic blood loss.

Powers and Abilities

Starfishman 3D Character design, created in ZBrush by Lance Webb

Starfishman's main ability is regeneration. Due to the accident which caused him to mutate into Starfishman, his body has been infused with ionic radiation. This energy source that suffuses his cells allows his immune system to work at an accelerated rate, giving him the ability to regenerate a lost limb or recover from damage almost instantly, making him immune to most physical attacks. He has never had the limit of this ability tested dramatically, so Starfishman is unsure if he is invulnerable. He has a fear of being chopped up into small pieces, as he thinks he would be unable to reconstitute himself, and lose his identity as an individual.

Starfishman's secondary abilities involve his water-vascular system. This allows him to absorb or extract water through millions of tiny tentacles and suction cups on the inner parts of his body. This gives him incredible strength, as he can use his body as a powerful hydraulic pump. He can bend metal and climb smooth surfaces with ease. Starfishman can also adjust his size and appearance by moving water around his body, or becoming larger or smaller as needed. This lets him squeeze though small spaces, or intimidate enemies by growing in size.

As Starfishman has just recently transformed, he is not even completely sure of his abilities. He is still learning how to be a superhero, and as a scientist he is curious about whether he can turn himself back into a human being, whether he wants to, and what other genetic abilities he could unlock.

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Starfishman's strength is the use of water, but it's also his weakness. If Starfishman is dehydrated or cut off from a water source for a long period of time, he is unable to use many of his powers. As a result, Starfishman prefers to stay underwater or close to natural water sources.

He is deathly afraid of crustaceans. He has covered for this fear by telling people he is allergic to shellfish, but the truth is Kino Marin had a traumatic accident as a child involving a crab. While visiting the beach with his mother, Kino reached out to touch a starfish and didn't see a large crab behind the rock. It reached out and pincered his finger, severing it at the middle joint. The finger was not recoverable and he lived with the disfigurement for years. He downplays the seriousness of the injury as it healed relatively quickly.

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