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An early Starfishman drawing from 1992

Starfishman is a superhero character created in 1992 by Colby Fulton. The character has evolved (pun intended) over the years, and is now a fully-realized superhero that has his own comic book series coming out soon.

Character Development

The initial concept for the character was a human scientist who injects a mysterious serum derived from starfish into his arm as a way to acquire regenerative powers. The serum has an unexpected result and he mutates into Starfishman.

As the character concept developed, he became Dr. Kino Marin, a brilliant marine biologist who lost a finger in a childhood accident. A crab snipped it off with its pincer. This caused in Kino a traumatic fear of crustaceans, and was the catalyst for a huge argument between Kino’s parents. They divorced and Kino always blamed himself. As he got older, Kino studied marine biology and genetics and sought to understand the mystery of regeneration in higher mammals.

The catastrophic accident at the Pacific Marine Institute causes another huge upheaval in Kino’s life, and pushes the story of Starfishman forward even further. Now Starfishman has superhuman abilities, but he now has the guilt of causing a huge accident which may have killed or mutated hundreds of people. As much as Starfishman needs to save the oceans and reverse global warming, he also has a lifetime of guilt and regret to make up for in his personal life.