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Creator Colby Fulton made a silkscreened t-shirt in 1992 and sold it to his friends and other superhero comic officianados. The same design is still available on Amazon, as well as posters and downloadable comics. The following products are available for sale right now:

Starfishman T-Shirt

The Starfishman t-shirt, available for purchase now on Amazon.

The original Starfishman t-shirt artwork was drawn in ink, then scanned into a IBM PC compatible computer and enhanced using Corel Draw software. The art was then printed using an optical printer on to large sheets of acetate. A silkscreen was exposed with ultraviolet lights, and then the t-shirts where hand-screened with black ink on plain white t-shirts. The Starfishman t-shirt is now in a more natural "heather" color and available for sale on Amazon. Click here for USA and international sales, and here to purchase the shirt in Canada.

Starfishman Poster

Starfishman Comic Downloads

The Starfishman: Origins comic book

Starfishman comics will be available on Kindle for digital download soon.