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The original Starfishman Logo, created by Colby Fulton in 1992.

Welcome to the official Wiki for Starfishman, the Aquatic Hero created by Colby Fulton in 1992. Starfishman is a comic book character and superhero with special starfish abilities due to a genetic experiment gone wrong. Dr. Kino Marin was experimenting with starfish stem cells and genetic modification, and became part of his own work!

Character History

Starfishman was created in 1992 as an aquatic superhero. Influenced by Batman, Swamp Thing and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Starfishman is a human mutated with starfish DNA. Originally able to transform his shape like the T-1000 from the movie Terminator 2, Starfishman's abilities have evolved to become slightly more realistic. His current abilities conform to those of a real starfish and other aquatic creatures. Learn more in the Starfishman Character Overview section.

Character Development

In 2003, the Starfishman character and story was developed dramatically. The creator of Starfishman, Colby Fulton, used new software from Autodesk called Maya to model the character in 3D and produce some animations. He created the Pacific Marine Institute Island in 3D, and modelled a starfish and other details. The character was still not fully realized at this point, as can be seen in the sample images here. New designs have been created more recently as the character is being developed for the comic series. Artist Lance Webb has taken the character to near photorealistic style. Read more on the Starfishman's visual development here.

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