Solar Technology

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Starfishman loves the potential for solar power, but he has to be careful while working with it because it tends to dry him out! Solar power technology pops up throughout the Starfishman stories:

The Drone

In the Starfishman story "The Drone", Starfishman is working with a research team that has installed a network of solar panels that float on a calm area of the ocean. The network protects the reef below from being "burned" by the harsh sun, creates a new biosphere for aquatic life, and uses a new type of battery which stores electricity in nanoparticles that float in a sea water based medium. Learn more about this story here.

Fire Flies

The Helios Corporation funds a new team of fire fighters that use large robotic exoskeleton suits to fight fire, powered by a network of solar panels that float in low orbit. This keeps excess sunlight off the forests and helps to prevent global warming, and collects the solar power for use on earth. The power is sent down in a concentrated beam. The system has its problems, as Starfishman finds out first-hand! Learn more here.