Starfishman: Leviathan

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Starfishman decides to explore deep in the oceans, hoping to discover something new that no other explorer could find. His body after all is resistant to the highest pressures; he figures he has a responsibility to use his abilities to help explore the depths. He finds a mysterious fissure which has not been documented before. His ship can not breach the hole, so he leaves the ship and explores with only a communication device that connects to the surface. Uni and others monitor him from above.

Suddenly, a pressure change sucks Starfishman deep into the mysterious underwater tunnels and he loses track of where he is. He soon finds himself in a glowing cavern, covered in bioluminescent creatures, all new and undiscovered species! But a larger creature also lurks in these caverns.

Stay tuned for more information on this breathtaking adventure. Visit The Official Starfishman Website to learn more.