Starfishman: Origins

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The Starfishman comic book series has been started and is currently in production. The first issue is technically two issues, #1 and #2. It covers the entire Starfishman origin story.

Issue #1

Issue one covers Dr. Kino Marin's failed research with starfish stem cells, which he uses in an attempt to create a super healing serum that can regenerate limbs, organs, skin and other systems of the human body. He considers this the Holy Grail of medicine, as it could solve all medical issues facing the human race; even birth defects, cancers, and degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer's could be cured.

Issue #2

Issue two focusses on Dr. Marin's work a the Pacific Marine Institute, a large facility with cutting edge technology and incredible resources. It is here that he is able to collaborate with other scientists and find the missing piece of the puzzle to make his research successful. Unfortunately, his success is short-lived as the energy fields that allow the genetically-altered starfish stem cells to quickly heal the body became unstable and overloaded the system. An explosion is caused and forces huge amounts of mutagenic bacteria to infuse Dr. Marin's body. He mutates and becomes Starfishman.\

Issue #3

Issue three starts with an exciting action scene. Starfishman has mastered most of his abilities and is patrolling the oceans for transgressors. He finds an illegal long line fishing boat and discovers they are fishing for sharks, in order to cut their fins off for sale to the lucrative shark fin soup industry. He intervenes. The rest of the issue shows him trying to find everyone who was caught in the explosion at the Pacific Marine Institute accident which he considers to be his fault. This adventure is covered in Starfishman: The Shark Finners.