Starfishman: The Drone

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Starfishman works with a green energy organization to install a huge network of solar panels on the ocean. They stay cool thanks to the water and keep the sea life below protected from the strong sun. At some point, the researchers notice that the collected energy is being stolen from the network and Starfishman must find out who’s doing it. Turns out it’s a new enemy named “The Drone”. He uses several flying drones to commit crimes but must recharge them constantly, so the floating solar panels seemed a perfect source of DC power. Starfishman tracks him down by listening to the trademark sound of his swarm of drones, using several microphones and triangulation. The Drone pretends that he is just one member of a huge group of drone enthusiasts, but it turns out he uses a sophisticated control system to control them all himself… he is actually the “queen bee”.

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