Starfishman: The Shark Finners

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Cover for "The Shark Finners".

The first Starfishman comic, “Shark Finners” is the start of a mystery that brings Starfishman to the coast of Costa Rica, where a network of shark poachers are using unusually advanced technology to track sharks so they can harvest their fins. Our aquatic hero Starfishman investigates… but these poachers don’t take kindly to strangers meddling in their business.

Plot Outline

Starfishman detects a fishing boat off the coast of Costa Rica. It looks suspicious because it has turned off it's Automatic Identification System (AIS) although it is still using advanced fish detection systems. Starfishman decides to investigate and discovers that it is yet another shark finning boat that is hauling in endangered shark species and hacking off their fins to sell to the lucrative Chinese shark fin soup market. He decides to intervene.