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The Helios Corporation is a solar power company that has developed large networks of orbiting solar structures that block sunlight from hitting the earth, and collect huge amounts of electricity. The solar clouds keep the ground cool and prevent evaporation. It seems like the perfect system, and they use it to power a new team of robotic exoskeleton suits featured in the Starfishman Story "Starfishman: Fire Flies".

It turns out the solar clouds system occasionally misfires its concentrated beam of power down to earth, and these random laser blasts are starting fires randomly all around the collecting base station. The Helios Corp covers this up, as they have already gone hugely over budget and must conceal any controversies. The system is actually extremely efficient so the lost power can be easily concealed. Nonetheless, Starfishman crunches the numbers and theorizes the system is losing some power. This makes him enemy number one and the corrupt CEO of Helios, Paolo Cêndio, must stop Starfishman at all costs.