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Early Lobstor designs by creator Colby Fulton

Lobstor is Starfishman's main antagonist in the Starfishman: Origins comic series. He originates as Dr. Arthur Pierce, a brilliant but ruthless scientist and lead administrator of the Pacific Marine Institute. After an accident occurs at the facility (which Pierce blames on Dr. Kino Marin), Pierce mutates into a half-man, half lobster abomination.

Early Designs

The first sketches of Lobstor made him a centaur, except with lobster features instead of a horse; his hindquarters and legs were of a giant lobster and its many segmented legs. His upper body is basically human, but with spiky red armour and a few maxillipeds that can fold up over his face to protect and disguise his appearance. It makes him look more monstrous, and Pierce uses this to instil fear in his enemies.

Later Designs

Further visual character development by artist Marco Turini.

Although still not in his final comic book form, artist Marco Turini spent some time developing the character's appearance.