Locations: The Pacific Marine Institute

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The Pacific Marine Institute

The Pacific Marine Institute (PMI) is a research facility located close to New Cove City, on a gulf island. It has both a research section and is a large marine park for tourists. The facility has labs deep underwater where secret research is conducted. To reach the island, guests and scientists must use a high speed ferry which uses hydrofoil technology to travel much faster than normal boats.

The chief administrator of the island is Dr. Arthur Pierce, a renowned scientist who specializes in underwater frequencies. The main focus of research at the PMI is meta waves, which can be used as a high resolution scanning system for the bottom of the ocean, and to transmit huge amounts of data without wires. This makes it vastly superior to sonar or costly, heavy cables along the bottom of the ocean.

When Dr. Kino Marin is invited to do research at the facility, he overhears some disturbing information about the use of these meta waves; that they are actually an underwater weapon. He tells Uni and wants to reveal the facts to the world, but a catastrophic accident destroys the facility and sends Kino's world into disarray. He survives the accident, but is mutated into Starfishman.