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Starfishman Wiki

The original Starfishman Logo, created by Colby Fulton in 1992.

Welcome to the official Wiki for Starfishman, the Aquatic Hero created by Colby Fulton in 1992. Starfishman is a comic book character and superhero with special starfish abilities due to a genetic experiment gone wrong. Dr. Kino Marin was experimenting with starfish stem cells and genetic modification, and became part of his own work!

Starfishman Overview

Starfishman is a large half man, half starfish mutant. This Wiki covers the comic book hero Starfishman. He started as a scientist who was researching regeneration and the powerful regenerative abilities of the starfish, but an accident merged their DNA and he became Starfishman. Learn more about Starfishman here.

Starfishman History

Starfishman was created in 1992 as an aquatic superhero. Over the years, creator Colby Fulton has evolved the character and his world to become more complex, realistic and scientifically accurate. Read more in the Starfishman History section.

Starfishman Inspirations

Influenced by Batman, Swamp Thing and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Starfishman is a brilliant human mutated with starfish DNA. Originally able to transform his shape like the T-1000 from the movie Terminator 2, Starfishman's abilities have evolved to become slightly more realistic. His current abilities conform to those of a real starfish and other aquatic creatures. Click here to read more about the inspirations for Starfishman.

Starfishman Powers and Abilities

Starfishman is an aquatic hero who protects the oceans. Using his powerful abilities and genius level knowledge of naval engineering, Starfishman can travel the oceans and stop polluters, whalers, illegal fishing and any other destructive actions towards the seas, that are so important and ensure the health of all life on earth. As a scientist, he continues to study the creatures of the oceans and discovers new abilities within himself. Learn more about Starfishman’s abilities here.

Starfishman Stories

Starfishman has had many exciting adventures, from his harrowing Origin Story to an epic two part adventure fighting forest fires and an out of control satellite system. Read more about Starfishman’s adventures here.

Starfishman Family

In the Starfishman: Origins comic, Kino’s mother is shown taking him to the beach and his father is referenced. Later in his life, Starfishman has a son, colloquially known as “Starfishboy”. Read more about Starfishman’s family here.

Starfishman Technology

Dr. Kino Marin used advanced genetic techniques and starfish stem cells and an accident turned him into a half starfish, half human hero. As Starfishman, he fights for the oceans and the environment, and develops new technologies which help to keep the oceans clean and the environment more sustainable with renewable energy. Learn more about the technology of Starfishman here.

Starfishman Locations

Starfishman travels the world to fight for the oceans, but his home base is located on a secret island in the Pacific Northwest. To learn more about the fascinating locations in the world of Starfishman, click here.

Starfishman Villains

Global warming isn’t the only thing that keeps Starfishman up at night! These villains have different goals and means, but they are all dead-set on one thing: the destruction of Starfishman. Read about these villains here.

Starfishman Media

Starfishman started out in comics, but his story was original meant to be a feature film. Starfishman also has many social media pages and uses these to engage with his large and growing audience. Read more about Starfishman in various media here.

Starfishman Comics

The comic book for Starfishman: Origins

Learn about what comics are available to buy! Many of his stories are in development, and will be available soon. Read Starfishman Comics now.

Starfishman Video Game

Starfishman stars in his first video game! Designed as a retro platformer in an 8-bit style, the Starfishman video game follows Dr. Kino Marin as he conducts his genetic experiments and eventually becomes Starfishman.

Starfishman Website

Starfishman's official website is ready to go! The best way to find out what's new and what stories are available to read. Learn more about the Starfishman Website or visit it now:

Starfishman Merchandise

Creator Colby Fulton made a silkscreened t-shirt in 1992 and sold it to his friends and other comic superhero officianados. The same design is still available on Amazon, as well as posters and downloadable comics. Click here to see what’s available for purchase!

Character Development

In 2003, the Starfishman character and story was developed dramatically. The creator of Starfishman, Colby Fulton, used new software from Autodesk called Maya to model the character in 3D and produce some animations. He created the Pacific Marine Institute Island in 3D, and modelled a starfish and other details. The character was still not fully realized at this point, as can be seen in the sample images here. New designs have been created more recently as the character is being developed for the comic series. Artist Lance Webb has taken the character to near photorealistic style. Read more on the Starfishman's visual development here.

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