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Starfishman has many comic books coming soon. Below is a partial list of these stories.

Starfishman: Origins

This is the story of Dr. Kino Marin and his transformation into Starfishman. It tells Starfishman’s interesting backstory, and explains how his research caused a catastrophic accident and turned him into a half man, half starfish mutant. Read more about "Starfishman: Origins" here.

Starfishman: The Shark Finners

Starfishman’s first published adventure. A short comic on Starfishman’s battle with destructive poachers, who use uncharacteristically advanced technology to track and capture sharks, horrifically chopping off their fins to sell to the Chinese market. Read more about "The Shark Finners" here.

Starfishman: Fire Flies

Two part comic series about an advanced firefighting team that combats the raging forest fire problem plaguing the near future world. Fire Flies tells the harrowing story of Starfishman consulting with a southern Pacific forest fire fighting team who is operating an experimental program with the Helios Corporation. Read more about "Starfishman: Fire Flies" here.

Starfishman: Leviathan

Starfishman is exploring the deep ocean, something he is uniquely able to do. He is sucked into a mysterious crevice and finds himself in an unknown and never-before explored part of the ocean deep under the earth's crust. He meets a strange, inter dimensional being who protects all the oceans on the Earth: the ocean-titan Leviathan. Read more about "Starfishman: Leviathan" here.

Starfishman: The Drone

While Starfishman is working with a solar power installation that floats on the ocean - helping keep the water cool while also keeping the panels cool - they discover that someone is siphoning off power from the batteries. It turns out it is a new supervillain "The Drone" who uses a network of remotely controlled drones to commit crimes. Starfishman must find a way to stop him, without being diced to bits! Learn more about this story here.